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Asics Netball Trainers

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Asics Netball Trainers

Asics netball trainers are one of the best brands on the market and provide good support and traction while playing or training whilst also being a comfortable fit. Asics netball shoes have combined a lightweight design with a superb comfort to help take you to the next level.

Asics are highly regarded as the leading brand in Netball due to their extensive biomechanical research in conjunction with some of Netballs elite athletes ensuring reliable and trustworthy performance. Due to their research, there was a positive correlation between the restriction on the positions playing area and the frequency for lateral movement, thus enabling them to create shoes that are position specific. From this, it was found that goal shooters needed high lateral support, wing attacks needed moderate support and the centres needed low support enabling them to develop cushioning positions in the shoe to correlate with the rigors and demands of the position.

Here are a list of 2019 Asics Netball Shoes we offer:

Asics Gel Netburner Super 8 Netball Shoes – The sturdiest and most comfortable shoe in the Asics range, this specifically designed Netball shoe provides stability and support for the multi directional movements and demands needed for Netball. With the use of technology such as the 3 layers of memory fame in the heel, impact guidance systems and gel cushioning systems, the Asics Gel Netburner Super 8 Netball Shoes contain high quality materials to help keep you safe, protected and comfortable on the court.

Asics Gel Netburner Professional 14 Netball Shoes - The ASICS Gel-Professional 14 FF netball trainers give you the absolute edge on court. Increased stability has been added into the mid part of the shoe preventing it from twisting when athletes undertake the multi directional movements required to beat their opponents. Furthermore, Asics have upgraded to the latest cushioning technology making these netball shoes are lighter than ever, but still giving you ultimate support and extra performance.

Asics Gel Netburner Academy 7 Netball Shoes – An exciting design features the netball position names in this durable, stable netball shoe. A perfect match for neutral foot types, this shoe has been designed to reduce excessive wear whilst providing the support, cushioning and comfort you need on the court, making a change of direction look effortless leaving your opponent chasing shadows.

Asics Gel Task Netball Shoes – An appealing pink design, the Asics Gel Task Netball Shoes contain features which help reduce weight whilst maximising stability and maintaining the highest level of comfort. The upper mesh in the shoe also adds for increased comfort and breathability. Powerful are aided as this shoe is designed to absorb shock enabling you to rebound of the ground quickly and efficiently.

Asics Gel Netburner Super 7 Netball Shoes - Developed with cushioned and supportive materials the Super 7 is the perfect netball trainer for elite players. The shoe itself has an X-Shaped groove on the forefoot that helps to improve flexibility while playing and the 2 layer midsole gives extra support. There is a sock like upper and heel counter which give the shoe a great fit for any player.

Feel and play the best Netball you can on court - choose Asics Netball Trainers.