BUSINESS AS USUAL - We are processing and shipping orders with express delivery as usual throughout November.
BUSINESS AS USUAL - We are processing and shipping orders with express delivery as usual throughout November.

Gilbert Netball Trainers

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Gilbert Netball Trainers

Gilbert netball trainers are one of the best brands on the market and provide good support and traction while playing or training whilst also being a comfortable fit. Gilbert have a long history stretching back over 160 years and have proved to be one of the leading suppliers of netball trainers, equipment and balls.

Just before the new millennium, Gilbert was supplying balls to nations such as England and South Africa. Gilbert then adapted its unique ball technology and design into the original Synergie netball and in 2005 it was chosen by IFNA as its official ball for all World Competitions; a position it still holds today. Soon, the majority of the world’s leading nations were choosing the Gilbert Netball and today Gilbert is proud to supply the top 10 ranked teams, which include: Australia, New Zealand, England, Jamaica, Malawi, South Africa, Fiji, Wales, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago, as well as a host of other nations. Gilbert footwear represents the latest addition to the Gilbert Netball line-up and is now established as a growing force in the game and used by a host of international players. As a result, Gilbert can now claim to be a genuine one-stop shop for netball.

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Gilbert Netball Shoes: Gilbert Evolution Netball Shoe - A vibrant design combined with a lightweight, breathable shoe, the Gilbert Evolution Netball Shoe are an affordable netball shoe without compromising on comfort, durability and stability enabling you to glide arund the court.

Gilbert Netball Shoes are develop with an integrated stability system which helps to provide a cradle like effect around the players foot which aids in lateral support when moving around the court. Most Netball Trainers have a Litex Mesh upper which makes the shoes lightweight and breathable. Internally Gilbert netball shoes have been developed with an impact protection system which is an impact absorbing layer of foam along with both pre footbed and arch support for improved energy transfer during foot strike.

Due to the movements used during training and netball games, Gilbert Netball Shoes are made from durable rubber for improved grip and stability which ultimately gives the shoes a long life.