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Netball Trainers

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Netball Trainers and Shoes

At All Rounder Netball we supply the very best netball shoes to netballers across the UK. We stock some of the best brands including Adidas, Gilbert and Asics netball trainers. Our company has a passion to deliver the very best products to the customer and pride ourselves on being Netball experts.

Our range of 2019 Netball trainers have been designed to protect your feet from the stresses and strains which can happen from training and playing netball. Our netball shoes also provide the best ankle support and stability for moving around the court. The traction and grip provided by our shoes helps players achieve the very best no matter what surface they play on.

As an athlete, injuries are always a risk but they can be reduced if the correct footwear is worn. Although the chances of injuries aren't eradicated totally, ensuring you have the correct pair of footwear for your style of play with the correct support enabling traction and grip around the court can certainly minimise the chances of any injuries occurring as well as enhancing comfort during performance.

If you want to compete in a sport at any level, you have to be well equipped. In netball specifically, this means having the correct footwear. Having the wrong footwear reduces an athlete’s capability to execute sport specific movements. If we use running as an example which have been designed for forward movements with support on the heel and toes whilst the tread and outer sole are thicker. 

Because everyone is unique, each person will have different preferences in footwear due to their playing style, position and physical characteristics. Here are the considerations you should take into account when buying Netball shoes:

  • Sports specific movement: Netball demands quick changes in direction, sudden stops and explosive movements such as jumping so it is of paramount importance there is lateral support.
  • Platform: Netball shoes generally sit on a lower platform helping maximise comfort and cushioning on the sides of your feet. As stated previously, this significantly reduces the chances of spraining or twisting an ankle enhancing protection whilst improving stability on the court.
  • Outsole: The outsole needs to be able to handle the wear and tear on surfaces such as polished wood or asphalt as well as offering the required traction. The sole needs to be comprised of robust, durable materials (often hard and durable rubber)

In many other sports, movements in straight lines are the most common actions. In netball however, the demands on athletes are distinctive, requiring them to stop suddenly, pivot, jump and move laterally at speed. In order to enhance performance, Netball athletes need to ensure they are wearing the correct footwear to enable them to undertake such multi directional movements at high speed whilst their feet are protected. 

So what makes a netball shoe so different to other shoes? As stated previously, Netball trainers reduce the risk of injuries such as rolling an ankle, but also, they maximise comfort and cushioning on the sides of your feet. The differences in design as well as the variations in material and weight allow the shoe to support the stressful areas. Not only do Netball trainers have safety benefits, but performance benefits too as a specifically designed netball shoe with the correct support increases your chances of withstanding the rigours and demands the sport puts on the body, helps you stay injury free and helps you make the powerful and explosive movements you need to succeed on the court.

Our best selling netball shoes are Asics, Adidas, New Balance and Gilbert. In 2018 this was comfortably the Asics Netburner Professional Trainers.