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Netball has become a popular worldwide sport for females right across the globe as well as the introduction and maintenance of domestic leagues in several countries. We are able to provide Netballs for a wide range of athletes so whether you’re playing your first netball match, or you’re an established international Netball Athlete, we have the right Netball for you.

There are several considerations that need to be made before purchasing a netball. Here are some tips:

The material on the ball can offer better grip and durability due to the materials used. Generally, match balls tend to be of a higher specification than training balls. For example, the Gilbert Synergy X5 Netball is an international standard netball containing a G-XV rubber compound surface whereas the Gilbert Blaze Netball is an entry level Netball containing a blended rubber surface.

Size 5 is the official size of a netball. These are used in training sessions and matches and generally weight between 400 and 450 grams. Size 4 netballs are used by players below the age of 10.

Different coloured netballs can be used when playing late at night to help increase visibility such as the Molten Fast 5 international level ball.

Dependent on their specifications, some Netballs are designed for use in matches and others in training. For example, Gilbert Synergy X5 Netball is an international standard Netball comprising of a Pro Performance air-loc bladder as well as a G-XV rubber compound surface making it suitable for the highest level of matchplay. Comparing this to the Gilbert Pulse ball which is a perfect training ball containing lower spec materials such as a blended rubber surface and a butyl bladder.

The bladder of the Netball affects the air retention of the netball enhancing or reducing their performance. For example, a higher quality ball such as the Molten Fast 5 international level ball contains a latex bladder whereas the Gilbert Pulse Netball contains a Butyl Bladder.

Gilbert Netballs

Just before the new millennium, Gilbert was supplying balls to nations such as England and South Africa. Gilbert then adapted its unique ball technology and design into the original Synergie netball and in 2005 it was chosen by IFNA as its official ball for all World Competitions; a position it still holds today. Soon, the majority of the world’s leading nations were choosing the Gilbert Netball and today Gilbert is proud to supply the top 10 ranked teams, which include: Australia, New Zealand, England, Jamaica, Malawi, South Africa, Fiji, Wales, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago, as well as a host of other nations. 

At All Rounder Netball we provide the best quality netballs for both match and training use. Whether you are playing indoor at a sports centre or at a specialist court, we will have the right ball for you.